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Kid Karisma vs Chace LaChance, Backyard Brawls 9 (BG East)

The second match of the upcoming Backyard Brawls DVD, currently available to own on BGE's The Arena, is in sync with my observations about touch-friendly wrestling earlier this week. Body contact is maximized in this outdoors jockstrap fight featuring two of the hottest bodies in wrestling, featuring, in fact, the fans' poll winner for best abs of 2016 (LaChance) versus their choice for best body of 2016 (Karisma).

I would have expected the easily inflamed Karisma to control this match every minute of the way, but LaChance holds his own against the Teutonic terror in a gutsy fight between two opposite temperaments: Kid K being a silver-tongued fireball with scrumptious buttocks and Chace, a strong and silent Adonis also, it so happens, with scrumptious buttocks.

Of the BB9 opener, with Donahue and Alexander, I said what a pleasure it is when both opponents are good-looking and accomplished wrestlers, and that's what we have here too. Chace and Kid K are two of the most fearless wrestlers on the BGE roster, taking risks that few others would take and remaining wholly in the moment for every turn in the brawl. Such is their self-confidence that neither is so protective of his image or ego that he holds back in any way from the task of shattering his opponent. Neither man minds getting his hair mussed so long as the fight is top-notch.

Karisma especially is the antithesis of "poser." The only impression he seems to care about is the impression his kneecaps make on Chase's shoulder. He'll strike a biceps pose from time to time, but he hardly ever stands still in one place. Constantly pacing, he's the personification of action, speed, and pandemonium on the mat. Somewhat less rowdy but pitilessly effective, Chace is at his best when he's holding Kid K in place for a sound beating.

There's nothing for me not to love about this match. Sexy bodies, hot tempers, electrifying holds, and a climax that marks a victory for one, but leaves both of them facedown, exhausted, barely if at all conscious, one in the grass and the other on the mats. That's what giving-your-all looks like!


  1. Want to wrestle the muscle stud Chace LaChance. He would be awesome at submission wrestling or in a submission fight with body striking. Total muscle package that I would take on - in the ring, cage, or on the mats. Great fight or wrestling opponent.

  2. I like both these guys (it's good to see Karisma again), but I favor LaChance.


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