Ludwig vs Joey King and Slim and Flaco, Mat Rats 75 (Thunder's Arena)

Posing upstages wrestling in this showcase for Thunder's new find, Ludwig, 6', 235#, that almost out-AMGs the original Athletic Model Guild. Ludwig's wrestling skills are not the focus here, but his muscle and charm hit me like a tidal wave. The storyline has Joey King prepping the aptly named Slim and Flaco to take on the flawless Adonis. Ludwig conquers all, of course, including Joey.

A lover of intense wrestling, I had to mentally adjust to the tone of this match. But it took just seconds to relax and go with the flow and bask in the glow of Ludwig's magnetism and some corny shtick that would have felt right at home in 1958. My screen grabs mainly focus on Ludwig's muscle posing because that takes up half of the 19-minute video. For once, I am not complaining.

I am starstruck. A sequel, Mat Rats 78, focuses on a one-on-one contest between Ludwig and Joey. I'm interested because hopefully it showcases Ludwig's wrestling skills. But if all the boy can do is strike poses and smile that cocky smile, so be it. I continue to be impressed by Thunder's Arena's knack for pumping new blood into its already stellar roster.


  1. Now, that is what I call muscle wrestling. I'd prefer more wrestling and submission grappling action than posing, but Ludwig is one the definition of wrestling meat.
    Can only imagine how awesome a sweaty pro-style match or submission grappling bout with him would be. Wow.


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