Scrappy vs Blayne, No Holds Barred 82 (Thunder's Arena)

Scrappy and Blayne are two of the Arena's hottest and most charismatic hires this past year (and it's been one fantastic year). No Holds Barred 82 brims with so much crazy testosterone, so much high-contact roughhouse, and such a wild storyline that it can't be compared to anything else I've seen in internet wrestling. It's a stark turn from the talkier frat-boy videos Thunder's is known for, lurching into darker emotional territory.

Without prologue, the abrupt opener gives us Scrappy dragging Blayne by the hair out of the kitchen and to the mat, accusing him of flagrant disrespect (in Mat Rats 80). Blayne can't process what's happening to him, under the impression that he and Scrappy were friends. Scrappy lays him flat on the mat and takes twisted delight in his shrieks as he (Scrappy) rolls a tire over the guy's wrist, evidently intending to break it. The scene closes as abruptly as it began, with Blayne writhing on his back.

Jump cut to Blayne, minutes (?) later, talking to himself in the bathroom mirror. He wants revenge. He straps on a wrist brace, while murmuring, "I'm gonna fuck you up, Scrappy." He then approaches a curiously unsuspecting Scrappy on the sofa and bashes the brace's metal rod into his ex-buddy's face. They grapple on the overstuffed furniture and on the carpet, but Blayne can't control the volatile Scrappy, who's soon on top again. "Let's have some fun," coos Scrappy, easily falling back into the role of dungeon master. But don't count Blayne out yet!

The remainder (11 minutes) of this 18-minute match is set back in the garage, which the Arena often utilizes as a fight space. The action past the midpoint is give and take and hot as fuck: lots of muscle on display, lots of muscle pounding muscle. By all appearances, evenly matched in size, Blayne and Scrappy have distinctly different personalities and body types. Hairy-chested Blayne, callow in his previous matches, comes into his own in NHB82, with fight and initiative. As I said above, silky smooth Scrappy exhibits a delight in cruelty not so apparent in previous contests, and the escalating tensions between these two are electric.

High-grade boner material from beginning to end, the episodic and sometimes incoherent plot is just an excuse for displaying what these boys are capable of. It's a stretch for both that may stun some fans, but it is exactly what I've been waiting for. I want a rematch as soon as possible ... in the ring, at the pool, or on the grass, or all the above. This is, I hope, the start of a beautiful feud.


  1. I just got one word to describe this match: "Beautiful" as it features two really hot muscular wrestlers. I have always been a huge fan of Scrappy and he is a dream match opponent who I would love to wrestle. Now, Blayne is damn hot too and both wrestlers seem to be very evenly matched. I am almost ready to cheer for Blayne, but I'll stick with Scrappy.
    I have followed Scrappy's matches. He is a damn good wrestler regardless of his size. Often, he has been pitted against much bigger and tougher opponents, yet it is no "squash job" as he knows how to wrestle. He uses his thick thighs and legs like an Anaconda to squeeze the hell out of his opponents.
    Scrappy is a dream-fight opponent for me, but I would jump at the chance to wrestle Blayne as well.
    Wish Thunders would stop the "living room" wrestling and get their wrestlers always on the mats or in a ring.


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