Marco vs Karl, Marco vs Scrappy, and Karl vs Scrappy, Vegas Battles 14, 15, and 16 (Thunder's Arena)

Thunder's Arena goes west again for this trio of Vegas hotel room bouts that would speed me to Orbitz to book my own weekend in the Silver City if only I could be assured that Scrappy, Marco, and Karl would be there to turn down the sheets for me.

Marco has the privilege of inducting Karl into the Arena brotherhood in a match that has Marco mostly dominating the strongman against the glittering skyline of the city at night.

Next, Marco faces Scrappy in an unfinished contest that nevertheless is longer by almost five minutes (24:10) than either of the two battles bookending it (19:44 and 19:26, respectively). It's really too bad that we don't get a clean finish to this match because the setup and chemistry between these two are electric. Leave it to the Thunder's crew to go against the grain and make this a reverse rip-n-strip with Marco forcing Scrappy to put on his singlet and cover up a bit. (Scrappy doesn't wanna.)

Finally, Karl's body mass comes in handy in a one-on-one confrontation with Scrappy. My money would be on Scrappy, but Karl plays a bit rougher than Scrappy is used to and, well, physics is physics.

I would like to loiter around these hot bros longer. However, this is finals week, and my time is limited, and Thunder's is running a swell May Day sale (20% off) that ends today. Don't miss out. My personal recommendation is that you grab anything with Scrappy, Marco, Blayne, or Beast in it or especially with any two of them together, but I suspect most of you already know that.


  1. The Scrappy versus Marco fight is definitely the battle of the muscle studs. Two of the most amazing wrestlers from Thunder's Arena. Difficult to choose which one I want to see win the indoor fight. Wish they had more room like a ring or matted arena instead of hotel room wrestling. Be hot if Thunder's Arena would take the action outdoors. Love Marco's body, but I got to stick with my boy Scrappy.


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