Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ask Him, Ref!

Scrappy vs Adam Bryant, Mat Rats 81 (Thunder's Arena)

I'm amazed that Scrappy's matches don't get called within three minutes because of the opponent's incapacitating boner. I couldn't last out 30 seconds. It's not just that the guy is fantastically good looking, though I'll admit that was my first thought. What makes Scrappy so hot is that, on top of his alabaster skin, gorgeous eyes and lips, and traffic-stopping muscle, he wrestles like a goddamned anaconda.

Anybody who thinks Scrappy is all looks and no action needs to see his last couple of matches. The kid's no putz. Whatever technical limitations he may have (and I'm not saying he has any) he makes up for in radiant intensity. It's the love of a good brawl that accounts for his recent surge in victories (that, and completing his "new hire" probation period at the Arena). From the looks of Adam Bryant, the dictionary definition of tough guy, I predicted he would be Scrappy's downfall. I was predicting that Adam would take Scrappy clean out of the game. I held on to that opinion for the first minute of Mat Rats 81; after that, it was clear to me that Scrappy would kick Bryant's butt.

This is one I want to dream about.

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