Cannon vs Tiger

Chris Cannon vs Tiger, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I should be on Tiger's side in this contest. At five-six, 155 pounds, he shows a lot of balls going up against Cannon (6', 185#), a man bigger, heavier, and arguably in a worse mood than he. But Cannon is hot, built like a prototype for my future army of wrestlers, and then there's the matter of the tenuous cling of his maroon trunks. Tiger is hot too--sinewy, taut, tenacious--but Cannon is my size of man. He looks like a wrestler, loose and meaty, while Tiger has a boxer's or a gymnast's build.

The differences take nothing away from the intensity and grit of this match. The space, enclosed in black curtains, consists of red and orange mats and what looks like a regular mattress. First we see Tiger stretching, warming up. Then, out of nowhere there's Cannon in black leather vest and shades, the livery of heels worldwide. And if any doubt remains, Cannon announces his ownership of this turf and questions Tiger's right to stand in his presence. Politely Tiger warns the bully not to push him too far, which, under the circumstances, is practically an invitation for Chris to poke him in the chest and start the fight.

The battle at first consists of punching, kicking, and slamming. Cannon locks Tiger in a camel clutch. A minute later, Tiger shows his muscle by heaving the big guy up on his shoulders, but falters under the man's weight. Gradually Tiger sees that his opponent is too big for him altogether, at least for traditional wrestling holds, a discovery he makes perhaps too late. To say more might spoil the rest of the 24-minute match for you. As the screen shots above indicate, it's mostly a rough time for Tiger.

The fraction of the MuscleBoy's output I've seen so far has impressed me, lacking only video definition and detail to compete with more established wrestling sites. The talents of wrestlers like Cannon, Tiger, Justin Powers, Nick Flex, and others shine through the usual limitations of a startup. MuscleBoy is onto something great, maybe eventually something unique. I mean to keep my eyes on this company.


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