Come Here Looking for Trouble

The Filip Bros. vs The Parea, Megaslam 2017 (Riot City Wrestling)

Bodies oiled and ready for trouble, Melbourne brothers Tome and Stevie Filip (in basic black and metallic, respectively) debut at Riot City against Gabriel Aeros and Eli Theseus: The Parea (Eli has the long hair and beard). Interestingly, all four wrestlers are Australian of Greek descent, hence one commentator's reference to "wog vs wog" (ostensibly wog not being an offensive label in this context).

For me, the well-timed acrobatics take a backseat to civic pride, a nod to the old days of local heroes defending the squared circle against outsiders. The Filips play up their contempt for Adelaide and the Riot City crowd, invoking the wrath of Gabriel and Eli. Tome and Stevie come on like gangbusters, but like all great villains, they push their luck, and shiny Stevie ends up getting wog-splashed by the in-sync Parea.

Hometown boys vs outsiders is always a winning angle as far as I'm concerned, reminding me of the days of regional promotions in the USA and wrestlers with proudly ethnic American names. It's all the more winning with hot young athletes like these four.

The Parea have had about enough of the Filips' smack talk.

Stevie Filip squares off against Gabriel Aeros.

Rescuing his partner, Eli Theseus takes young Stevie for a spin.

Stevie sets up Eli in the corner for Tome to play with.

Tome slams Eli.

Stevie tries to pin Eli.

Stevie works out some frustration with Eli on the ropes.

Tome tries to pin Eli.

After too long a separation, Eli and Gabriel collaborate to silence the mouthy Filip.


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