Mark of the Beast

Beast vs Dolf, Ring Wars 33 (Thunder's Arena)

I mark out for both Dolf and Beast. These two evenly matched strongmen hold back nothing in this fight to the finish. Either one in the ring is a draw, but the two together launch a full-blown obsession. My most recent paycheck let me download this hard beauty to my laptop. I tip my hat to Thunder's Arena for the relatively new Ring Wars series. Two years ago, ring matches at the Arena were only a dream. Now the company outstretches most of the other internet wrestling venues that produce squared-circle contests.

In 15 minutes, Beast and Dolf supply all the parts I felt were missing from the Italian strongman movies I saw as a kid. They battle like a couple of boulders crashing against together. As usual when I'm a fan of both opponents, my emotions are in an uproar--at no moment do I stop wishing each man the victory and each man a crushing defeat ... simultaneously! If I didn't know that this was just a well-tuned performance, I would explode.


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