Not Out of the Woods Yet

Josh Woods vs Brian Milonas, Manhattan Mayhem 2017 (Ring of Honor)

This sexy goofball used to be all over Ringside at Skull Island. I won't go into the backstory of why all those fabulous reviews and interviews are now dead links. Suffice it to say, despite some hysteria and miscommunication and crossed circuits several years ago, I'm still a huge fan of both Josh Woods and the company where once he reigned.

Note: Please don't leave tattletale comments below. I will delete them. I'm not big on behind-the-scenes gossip, preferring the legendary to the actual, in wrestling anyway, and except when the wrestlers themselves do so, I prefer not to see through the kayfabe gimmicks and ring names, to this day more than willing to pretend-believe that Buff Bagwell and Handsome Stranger are separate creatures.

This match from last month (roughly from minute 20:00 to 29:00 on the video linked above) pits Woods against the gigantic Brian Milonas. It's not my favorite style of match--too much Hulk Hogan, not enough Davey Richards--but Josh's style--a mix of MMA and technical wrestling--is a good fit for Ring of Honor. Woods is relentless and damn near indestructible, jumping back up immediately after Milonas's planetoid body lands on him. As I knew he would, he plays to the fans beautifully.

Reach for that highest star, Josh-boy!


  1. You'll get no back story from me. But I have been wondering . . . . Thanks for the front story.


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