Bolt vs Blayne, Mat Rats 80 (Thunder's Arena)

Scrappy makes a cameo appearance in this 18-minute match, setting off the feud between him and Blayne in No Holds Barred 82. This battle pitting Blayne against Bolt is as chaotic, bold, crazy, dizzying, and unintelligible as anything you'll ever see. The storyline doesn't matter. The visuals alone are out of this world. Low camera angles, extreme close-ups, natural light, jump cuts, queasy cam, and battered beautiful muscle form a collage of erotic violence that may or may not be wrestling, per se, but it is exciting in its whirl of flexing muscles and grimacing faces.

The first half of MR80 is a sofa match. It's actually possible to wrestle on a large sofa (I've done it). It's not optimal for wrestling, but it suffices; more than that, it makes for a more intimate, detail-oriented match, a plus in its favor. The last half of the video careens outside, past the swimming pool into foliage and then back to the pool area. All this is what used in my day to be called trippy.

Some of you may have noticed that I viewed and blogged about NHB82 before seeing its predecessor MR80. The lack of chronological order may account for my confusion at times, like seeing Magic Mike XXL before seeing the original, but honestly I can handle confusion, even roll with it. There are days when confusion is my playground.

I'm a big Blayne fan, as I have indicated in earlier blog postings. He's small by Arena standards, but he has a sexy hairy-chested body, and there's something a little screwball-comedy-ish about his performance style that convinces me he's a fun guy to hang out with--even if only virtually via video. Bolt impresses me, too. They're good paired together, and by good I mean hot. Their fight depends on fans' willingness to believe bros fight for the sheer joy and excitement of it. I'm not only willing to believe this. For me it's an article of faith.


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