Nick Flex vs Ryan Donovan, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

MuscleBoy Wrestling is back. Too hot for PayPal, the company had to find and install a new way to grab my money for more video downloads. As a result, the new promotion was unable to process orders for about two weeks. All that's fixed now. I got the good news yesterday and rushed to get the Nick Flex match I was missing. Along with Justin Powers and Chris Cannon, I'm in love with Flex.

Poor Ryan Donovan is a goldfish doomed to the piranha tank. I figure Ryan is a cute slim guy and all, but so long as Nick's back is in the shot, the jobber could be Donald Duck or just anybody. He puts up a better fight than the goldfish would, but he can't throw enough at Nick to keep the big guy from eventually kicking his ass. Ryan's bear hugs, gut punches, and choke holds haven't enough muscle behind them to faze our Flex.

Flex is big, beautiful, and, most of all, not a bit worried. By the midpoint he is bigly, beautifully sweaty too. He's considerate enough to fine-tune the harrowing details of punishment like ball squeezing, jaw punching, rib booting, hair yanking, nipple slapping, and pile driving. If Ryan wanted lots of screen time, he gets it, most of it featuring him flat on his back, arms and legs spread wide, with a dreamy, unfocused floating-to-the-top-of-the-tank look on his face. (And, as it turns out he is pretty damn cute, too.)


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