Bart vs Scrappy, Vegas Battles 19 (Thunder's Arena)

Bart's at Thunder's Arena, all's right with the world, my world at least. I'm averse to breaking kayfabe on wrestlers' alter egos (anyway, a brother blogger has spilt the beans already), but I will say that I'm a huge fan of Bart's other wrestling persona, and his presence in two (so far) Vegas Battles provides a closer, better look at his cowboy good looks and bump-worthy ass. All comparisons are odious, I know, but Bart strikingly resembles one of my first wrestling buddies in high school (then college), decades and decades ago, except my pal might have been a little taller (at 6'3") and had a N-shaped scar next to one eye.

Scrappy introduces the new hire nicely here, in VB19, a 17-minute hotel room "battle" that shows off Bart's personable manner and knowledge of pro-wrestling holds, spotlighting full nelsons, clutches, headlocks, scissors, and a climactic piledriver in the hotel suite's kitchenette. Nipples get a lot of attention from both wrestlers, with top-shelf dial-turning and bruising pinches. Scrappy has the sharper definition for bodybuilder fans and I adore the guy, but Bart's body has what I call thump and is more to my liking.

There's more wrestling here than I've seen lately at the Arena, but a lot of the usual jokey showing-off too. It would be fantastic if Mr. Mike could coax Bart into the ring in Florida against Beast or (heart palpitations) Spike. Or borrow a ring on the West Coast. Bart is a whole lot of what I need right now. I plan to get around soon to his second match (against handsome Finn McCool). I hope Thunder's intends to give us even more Bart in the months ahead.


  1. Bart's ass is beautiful. Besides, I think his can pull off more believable wrestling moves. He's a nice addition to Thunder's Arena.

  2. Both muscle studs are awesome and have impressive muscular bodies. My persona favorite is always Scrappy, although he is clearly at a height and weight disadvantage here fighting Bart.

    Bart does have one fine ass. Would be awesome to wrestle or fight either one of these muscle studs on the mats in a submission grappling match.

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