Frot with Danger

Nick Flex vs Connor O'Reilly, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I can't get enough of Nick Flex. He and Justin Powers are the main reasons I am smitten by MuscleBoy Wrestling today, and in this match against the still-wet-behind-the-ears Connor O'Reilly, he damn near secures the spot as best erotic wrestler in the world. Flex and Powers both bring real wrestling together with real passion. (They have yet to square off against each other, but oh what a happy day that will be!) All O'Reilly, the babyface boy next door, has to do is let Flex take charge of everything, and all the rookie's awkwardness and inexperience seem to vanish.

This is indeed one of those one-sided matches I went on about in yesterday's post. However, this mat tussle does not pass itself off as competition or dramatic conflict. There is no competition, though I give O'Reilly props for launching two offenses in the video's second half--following a short break in the action after Flex pile-drives him to the mat and leaves him to semiconsciously stroke his visibly throbbing bulge. (I have no doubt that Connor at this moment is mentally replaying Flex's earlier rough but amiable incursions.) Don't rush to place bets on Connor, though, because the first of these offenses lasts all of 30 seconds, and it is the longer of the two.

To give Connor his due, however, his silky peach-colored body was an additional inducement to lay down the $19.99 for this 25-minute download. But Nick's hard, bulgy muscle is not a safe place for peaches to land. Touching and rubbing, sometimes gentle, often not, wind through the match like musical motifs. Flex vs O'Reilly is the sort of erotic fight that has all the elements of mano-a-mano combat, but strained through a sieve of softcore seduction. Heel and jobber alike get exactly what they're craving, and I, on the outside looking in, get what I want too: a near-perfect fusion of male-for-male aggression and lust.


  1. "Frot?" Is this a joke I am not getting, or do you mean "fraught?"

    1. It's a joke you're not getting. Sorry for the confusion.

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