Matt Vine vs Andy Anderson, 13 May 2017, Woodstock, Illinois (Premier Pro Wrestling)

You could power six whole wrestling promotions off just the fumes of rage Matt Vine emits in this May 13 match. Eighty percent of the guy's appeal is his unadulterated wrath. He's the opposite of the two-cool-for-school swagger that populates most big promotions' rosters. The guy is half Jake LaMotta and half a little kid too excited to sleep the night before Christmas. Just look at him when he gets his hands on the foreign object his opponent drops. Shushing the fans and hopping like he's got to pee, he can't wait to pop Andy Anderson a good one with it. It doesn't hurt that this grudge has been almost three years in the making. It's not that Matt has a short fuse; he has no fuse at all. With the first step he takes towards the ring, he is already boiling over. Few wrestlers bring this much piss and vinegar to a match.


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