Ready or Not

Ace Aarons vs Luke Lonza, Jobberpaloozer14 (BG East)

If you think you know Ace and Luke from somewhere, you are probably right, but I will focus on who they are here in their BG East debuts--blank slates on which to build my future fantasies. Both are well built, good looking, and, depending on where you went to school, reminiscent of the student body president and v.p. Of course, student government does not often come with this much attitude, and you were truly blessed if its members were built (and outfitted) like these two.

They don't waste much time with introductions, wisely (I think) choosing to define themselves by their fight. They lock up, and Ace quickly puts Luke into a sleeper hold (before we've even hit the two-minute mark!), in that way defining their roles. I would have been surprised (and perhaps delighted) had Luke been the heel and Ace, the jobber, but bald and inked typecasts Aarons as surely as if he had hair on his back and entered the ring with a valet. And at BG East, Lonza's cherubic Smallville face denotes beta and goner all at once.

"You think you're ready?" Ace asks, in a baritone befitting an ESPN anchor. With a voice quickly rising in pitch, Luke insists that he is ready--though "ready for naptime" is more like it, as his eyes roll up and his mouth goes slack. The kid is barely unconscious before Ace rouses him with a full nelson. "You're only making it worse for yourself," Ace warns, though so far Luke's only resistance has been verbal, quietly verbal at that. I waited the next 24 minutes for active resistance, but none came, not even a hope spot to show off the kid's wrestling, acrobatic, and/or strongman chops.

Ace works up a good sweat beating Luke up on the canvas, against the ropes and turnbuckle, and partially on the ring apron. Luke, however, remains as pristine as if he'd coated his body with Degree before the match. Ace gets as shiny as his metallic trunks, while Luke remains matte white. Judging by physical appearance, Aarons and Lonza will make a big splash with BGE fans. They display grace and resilience in this bout. Fans of the squash could not ask for a squashier contest than this.


  1. Where else can I see Luke Lonza and under what name?

  2. Cam Zagami, and his Twitter is the same. Doesn't he go by the same name (CZ) on Wrestler4hire? Or did they come up with a third "stage name".

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