Reese Gets What's Coming to Him

Kid Karisma vs Reese Wells, Ringwars 27 (BG East)

Ringwars 27 is an instant classic that should be on every wrestling fan's watch list, and it opens with one of BG East's all-time greats. Since he first slapped Rocco around a wrestling mat*, Kid Karisma has held me in the palm of his hand (not literally, yet literally not off the table should he ever be up for some gerontophilia over PBRs and Rockford Files reruns). Kid K puts over every wrestler he wrestles and has polished the reputations of some of BGE's brightest stars in classic (in other words, my particular favorite) showdowns against Jake Jenkins, Mike Martin, Ray Naylor, and Billy Lodi. Karisma is the total package of sex appeal, natural aggression, wrestling knowhow, wit, fearlessness, and a physique that can make a grown man cry.

Reese Wells keeps his mouth shut for the most part, a great contribution to the match's drama because there's nothing he could possibly say that would upstage Karisma's fire-breathing and because Karisma loses it over the presumed snub, subjecting Reese to one of the most thorough and perversely invigorating beatings of the last ten years. The strategy may not be good for Wells's health, but it makes for a riveting fight. Reese looks great, by the way, whether suffering or defending himself, blest as he is with a trim body and an artfully chiseled innie.

When Reese contemptuously slaps Kid K hard across the face four times in rapid succession, I knew in my soul what was coming and immediately got all twitchy in my khakis the way I sometimes do when watching a hot-blooded brawl. In a flash, I knew that pouty, pretty Reese was about to get his lily-white ass crushed, whipped, skewered, and smeared over every inch of the canvas floor. It was going to be tasty, I just knew it, and I was absolutely right. Kid K knows it, too, overjoyed at the prospect of repaying the entitled punk a hundredfold. He can barely contain himself, practically humming as he slyly pushes Reese to make matters even worse for himself.

This is the kind of match that has kept BG East at the top of its game for thirty years. Its best matches, like this one, belong to a storytelling tradition that extends back to the cavemen when Ogg first cut in front of Kruld at the mastodon cookout. We don't often think of it this way, but a match as good as Karisma vs Wells is fine art.

* Karisma impressed me in his debut match against Cage Thunder, but it took his match against Rocco to make me sit up and take notice.


  1. This is an awesome ring battle between two amazingly sexy wrestlers. Kid Karisma is a beast compared to Reese Wells, but Reese shows balls and aggression. Wells slapping Karisma only brought out the naked combat aggression in Karisma. I liked your description of Reese as "lily-white ass" as he is exactly that...almost too pretty for the wrestling ring. Damn glad Reese likes to wrestle as muscle punks really add to the storyline.


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