Tyler vs Ryder

Austin Tyler vs Max Ryder, Match 545 (UCW)

All I remember about Kathryn Bigelow's 1995 film Strange Days is the "SQUID discs." SQUIDs record an individual's perceptions, emotions, and sensations while sky-diving, fucking, singing grand opera, etc., so that the entire experience can be replayed as entertainment, experienced virtually by the consumer in all five senses. Other movies (eXistenZ, Johnny Mnemonic, etc.) toyed with similar technologies, so I confuse them frequently. I thought of the SQUIDs while watching UCW's latest video release. If we were really as advanced as Strange Days envisioned, I would want Match 545 on two SQUID discs: one of me as Max Ryder (5'11", 180#) wrestling Austin Tyler and the other of me as Austin Tyler (5'8", 175#) wrestling Max Ryder. The fact that this technology does not currently exist, as tacitly promised in sci-fi of the 1990s, is all that keeps Match 545 from being perfect.

Tyler's and Ryder's bodies are the two most enviable physiques at UCW. Add to that, they are both skilled and aggressive wrestlers. Add to that, notwithstanding a gentlemanly handshake at the beginning, they seem ready to tear into each other almost immediately. Add to that, both wrestlers are drenched in sweat before we are a third of the way through the 29-minute match. I have marked the spot (06:09) when a light sheen appears on Max's shoulder. Two or three minutes later, both bodies are shiny as Christmas.

The match is rough and tumble, vicious, sweet, intense, climactic, neck and neck from beginning to end, and sexy as motherfucking heck. For me, personally, it's risky to try to describe it in words, which fail to capture its strongest features, perhaps better felt than described. I can't imagine a better fight anywhere. Match 545 is exactly the UCW match I have been wishing for from the company's two hottest wrestlers, a high point for Max and Austin, and a dream (if not a SQUID) come true for me.

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  1. I always check your blog for a review before buying most matches. You were spot on! This is one of the hottest vids I've gotten from UCW. Top 5 for sure!


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