Nick Flex vs Aryx Quinn, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Nick Flex hasn't yet faced a MuscleBoy opponent as big as he is, but his run-in with Aryx Quinn in Catalog 3 is big news, all the same. Three other wrestlers on the roster tip the scales at over 200 pounds, but so far none of them has squared off against Flex, who now appears swoler than ever. Aryx may not be in Nick's weight class, but he's got a cut physique to match and a mile-long record as an underground superstar. Pitting these two men together is capital-G Genius.

The contest is billed as a "gut punch challenge," and that's an accurate label, though I'm happy to report that in the 13-minute video's bottom half these muscle boys squeeze in squeezes, too, along the lines of bodyscissors and rear naked chokes--with additional pro-ring gee-whizzes like fireman's carry and claw hold. Also, as somebody who's not a fan of specialized single-tactic challenges, I am impressed that Flex and Quinn find so much variety in the gut punch--against the wall, on the mat, kneeling, and freestanding as well as blows by fist, boot, elbow, and folding chair.  They even manage to create a narrative thread that links the blows together and incrementally raises the dramatic tensions between the two antagonists. And as the heat escalates--and does it!--the challengers' target veers to include stiff jabs to the chest and jaw and, at the stunning turning point, a wicked hard right to the nuts!

Aryx has long been flypaper for my eyes, a master showman totally at ease in his skin and ever ready to exploit his plentiful sex appeal. Nick, however, steals the show for me here. He's expressive without hamming it up, nothing less than fully committed to the gravitas of the fight, and staggeringly HOT. He and Justin Powers have already entered my personal fantasy-wrestling pantheon. For any promotion but for a new outfit especially, MuscleBoy's production values, diversity, and quality are outstanding.


  1. damn. their sweaty bodies look so good.

    1. Yeah, both muscle studs look awesome with sweaty bodies. Like to wrestle Quinn anytime.

    2. This match is part of 14 new matches released in cat 3 and WOW these two studs REALLY go at it folks. Thanks for all the compliments and love toward MBW.

  2. Remember folks the web address for all these hot muscle boy wrestling matches is: MuscleBoyWrestling.com


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