You Seriously Want to Go Up Against Bo Brady?

Jake Zane vs Bo Brady and Travis Bennett vs Jake Zane, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I'm told by a South Carolina promoter I know that Bo Brady is a terrific guy to work with. I would guess as much from his smile, even the toothy smile he flashes when breaking Jake Zane in half over his knee. I'm not sure Zane has any business getting in the ring with a guy like Bo, who's 10 inches taller and 80 pounds heavier. I am not a fan of David-and-Goliath matches in general. My sympathies almost always go with the Goliath, and, besides, Bo has apple-cheeked good looks and an aw-shucks smile to offset his undeniable sadism.

I think of Jake more as a mat wrestler, more specifically an erotic wrestler. (Mostly I think of his hot and heavy match against Logan Cross in MuscleBoy's first catalog.) Jake hardly ever cracks a smile, not in the heat of combat anyway, and I admire that--too many underground wrestlers feel compelled to telegraph the fact that they don't take wrestling seriously. But Jake's glumness next to Bo's grins only confirms my preference for the big guy. (Sorry, Jake.) And I accept that Jake has to go for the low blows to even the odds, but nard abuse almost always reads as "bad guy" to me.

Having said all that, I liked this match, and as much as anybody possibly could, Jake and Bo make this battle believable and engaging. Bo looms over Jake, trying to scare the runt away, but the runt won't scare. Initially the six-three good ole boy has his way with the kid, shoulder-smashing him into the corner ropes, kicking the side of his head, and pile-driving him to the canvas. Then Jake hits him where babies are made and humbles the big brute enough to weaken him further in a rear naked choke and pin him for a legit three count AND, heaping humiliation on top of defeat, exact a panicked submission, all this a mere seven minutes into the match.

But that's not the end of it. The staggered Bo retaliates in kind, with a forearm smash to Jake's balls, and attacks the persistent little guy with even more brute force than before. To say more might ruin some pleasant surprises, so I'll say only that the final seven minutes of the 24-minute video gives us Jake taking on an opponent somewhat closer to him in size, weight, and build, the redoubtable Travis Bennett, who performed spectacularly against another pretty boy, Taylor Reign, in Catalog 1, and who announces his presence before this match, saying, "I'm Travis Bennett. I'm here in Miami, Florida, to kick people in the face." If Bo didn't scare Jake away from wrestling rings forever, perhaps some roughing up at the hands of Travis will.


  1. Bo is indeed a GREAT guy and easy to work with. Travis is the most quiet and subdued wrestler outside the ring I've ever met. But damn when he gets in the ring his cocky persona really kicks in!

    1. Hey MBW how can we send you wrestling vid ideas? Had a hot big vs small one :)

  2. Love watching Jake dominating a much bigger guy.


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