Kelly King vs Cap Landon, Knock Outs 3 (BG East)

Hunk  has two dictionary meanings, and both of them apply to Kelly King (5'10", 210#) at BG East:
  1. A large portion of something
  2. An attractive and distinctively masculine man
In Knock Outs 3  King faces a hungry up-and-comer in Cap Landon (5'8", 140#), a good-looking guy, but not big enough to be a hunk. For all his multitudinous assets - fearlessness, durability, aggressiveness, arrogance, wrestling skills, showmanship - Landon is a fairly common type in the underground wrestling scene: slim, boyish, scrappy fighters best seen in action. A hunk, by contrast, can simply stand there, never more than 30 seconds away from a drenching sweat, breathing through his mouth as his hairy chest rises and falls, and make a huge impression before he even takes a step from his designated ring corner. Such a man is Kelly King ... in spades.

But in addition to taking up large amounts of space - a quality that demands caution if not always respect - hunks can do certain tasks in pro wrestling better than their more willowy counterparts, who may be able to dance rings around the big guys but will never make the squared circle roar the way a body-slammed hunk does. For some pro-ring activities, heft is a definite asset. Below I offer some particulars of what hunks are better at in the squared circle, roughly corresponding to the order of the photos below:
  • surviving a choke
  • applying a choke that cannot be survived
  • disassembling lower vertebrae
  • bearing down
  • executing a bodyscissors hold - with special attention to the word execute  - the slim guys have an advantage with the sexier headscissors and figure-four holds, but for a convincing bodyscissors, (jobber, please) serious thighs only
  • walloping
  • cornering a bitch

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