Chase Michaels vs Max Ryder, Match 550: Ball Bust (UCW)

Calling any UCW match Ball Bust  sounds like a redundancy to me. I don't know but I'm pretty sure Bodyslam and Axel throw in an extra $20 for every low blow a UCW wrestler delivers, any match, anytime. If so, Chase and Max must have doubled their usual fee with Match 550. It's the tail end of an unrecorded (or yet to be released) brawl, beginning with Chase furiously flinging Max onto the mats for 30 minutes of unspeakable acts, hardly as one-sided as either man might have wished for. In the end, Michaels straps Ryder to the wall for some additional sicko fun, part of it involving a bowling pin. To even attempt to do to Max what he does with that kingpin, Chase must be confident those leather straps will hold fast.

It takes these guys 10 minutes before they start breaking a sweat. Considering the talent before us, I first guessed that maybe the match was fought in a meat locker, but, no, this is the familiar cinderblock and mortar fight room, hallowed by some of the most famous screams in underground wrestling, to which Max and Chase have contributed greatly. The good news is that, well before the match's midpoint, screams and sweat cascade like magnitude 9.4 tsunamis. Kudos to Chase for topnotch heeling, and when he's not exacting fearsome vengeance, Max sells the pain and terror like nobody else in the world of underground wrestling. Count me in for the full six-pack of muscles, agonies, screams, sweat, sicko fun, and bulge - UCW kicks up a shitstorm with Match 550.

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  1. Damn aggressive action. Want to wrestle either one of these muscle punks on the mats. Damn good sex fight. Low blows rock in this style of wrestling. This is not wrestling for sport; this is wrestling for total domination and supremacy of one alpha stud over the other. Naturally, the loser needs to be humiliated and punished. Good action.


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