Abandon Hope

Taylor Reign vs Dante, Catalog 4 - Muscle Boys Bring the Heat (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate  - Canto III, Commedia  by Dante

MuscleBoy packs everything into this 38-minute match: passion, fury, sex, violence, pain, ecstasy - packed so tight they merge, the parts only visible when they occasionally surface in one of the contest's many twists and turns.

Taylor is the maestro in this fugue, interweaving roughhouse and cologne ad and seedy backroom hookup. But Dante's usually deadpan face is the subject, teased and tormented into flashes (more like seizures) of emotion. Stopping short of porn or even full-frontal nudity, the match is hotter than 80% of XXX videos and more ferocious than 80% of televised wrestling.

Compact and intense, the match is confined to a small stretch of ember-orange mat and the jet-black walls surrounding it. The camera dives in for some unforgettable close-ups (more underground wrestling sites need to explore the full potential of the close-up) and always is in the right place at the right time.

It's gay with a big G, not campy "gay" but adrenalized and hypnotizing. I would have hated myself if I had missed this one.


  1. Two of our best boys really going at it! This one is a particular fave of mine. Not too worry fans, much more of Dante and Taylor coming soon! ;)


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