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Iceman18 vs Blayne, Mat Rats 89 (Thunder's Arena)

Can I have a moment of silence for Blayne's missing chest and tummy hair? I'm devastated. At least the jawline scruff, forearms, and legs were spared. Blayne has this goofy little thing that happens with his eyes and mouth that makes him uniquely sexy-adorable - and the hair on his chest and belly gave him a certain macho brio nobody else had. I'm not opposed to a shave and wax on principle. Frankly, few guys carry off the hairy-torso look as well as Blayne did. He had premium fur, perfectly apportioned. Now, sadly, he looks neutered. A lot of us are feeling a deep sense of loss today.

So about Mat Rats 89. The idea of pitting Blayne against a big sexy smooth blond is genius in ways probably nobody could have predicted. And the blond in question is Iceman18, who makes a boldly memorable impression here in his second Arena release (after Frey broke his cherry - kind of - in Mat Rats 88). The Iceman is a voluptuous hunk of Nordic manhood and, more, an amazing fighter. Such power! Five or six times he chokes Blayne clean out ... with only one magnificent arm! It's perhaps no surprise, then, that he's self-assuredly cocky too. It takes most new hires months to reach the level of confidence Iceman18 exudes as soon as the camera turns in his direction.

Not a lot of time is wasted on introductions, and the 23-minute battle is give and take, with many false climaxes, a trademark of the Mat Rats series. Blayne fights well, but the nerve-racking frequency of Iceman18's assaults takes a toll, so that it's a testament to his resilience that he lasts as long as he does and never throws in the towel. Here's a fight that demands multiple viewings. I want to soak this one in. I also look forward to seeing more of the Iceman in the months to come. Dare I hope I'll be seeing the new kid challenge the likes of Beast and Eagle in the squared circle? And maybe a rematch with Blayne once the sexy hair grows back?

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  1. Iceman18 vs Blayne is a great muscle match. Blayne has always been one of my favorites, but the new blond muscle stud Iceman18 is a dream opponent for any wrestler. I'd jump at the chance to wrestle either one of these muscle studs. Both of these wrestlers have muscular bodies that are BUILT for wrestling.

  2. I'm still waiting for Blayne's breakout win. When I looked at the Images, I got the impression that this was finally it. He is a sex god ( just look at the first two Images). It's time he became the foe- destroyer he's meant to be. Since Ice 18 looked like a worthy opponent, but he's no Blayne. This should have been the squash match it first appeared to be.


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