Cheat Sheet on Rogers vs Veasey

This is a TV-style (i.e. brief) match at Georgia Championship Wrestling, circa 1984. This is near the end of the golden age of wrestling. Contrary to what many fans believe today, real pro wrestling is mostly drawn-out side headlocks and head scissors, punctuated by punches and body slams. The tweak Tommy (almost 23, 5'9", 222#, in green) gives to the headlock here shows he means business. Hairy-chested is my favorite brand of Tommy. 

Veasey, almost 24, is 5'8", 235#, in red trunks. For those who don't get Veasey's hard tub belly and gaping navel, I pity you.

Stomping your boots accomplishes nothing, but it looks good. The head scissors, though, gets the job done.

Tommy's in command for most of this match. Dale powers out, but Tommy snaps him right back in.

Any shots of wrestlers' bellies heaving in and out while the grapplers hold on to their adversaries earn extra bonus points for hotness.

The body slam, King Kong's gift to professional wrestling.

I like it when wrestlers trap each other against the corner ropes and deal out some punishment.

Not just a body slam, but a body slam that noticeably decelerates at its arc, right before the rapid descent, much like a rollercoaster. Bee-yoo-tee-full.

High flying serves one and only one purpose: a showy cross-body pin and three count.

Tommy Rogers vs Dale Veasey
at the 1000holds channel on YouTube


  1. I love it when you write about classic pro wrestling, and thanks for linking to my YouTube channel where this match was posted years ago. I also posted some screen caps from this same match, including Tommy's "bee-yoo-tee-full" headscissor on my old Wrestling Arsenal webpage at Tommy's monogrammed white boots as he locks on that scissor, mmm, mmmm, MMMMM.


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