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Nick Flex vs Chris Cannon, Catalog 4 - Muscle Boys Bring the Heat (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I would not have missed Nick Flex going toe to toe with Chris Cannon for anything. Cannon knows he's taking on a beast in Flex, and in the interview leading into the match he acknowledges the man's superior muscle and ring experience while exhibiting unshaken confidence in his own abilities, too. Chris's deep voice and satin vowels slide like a warm hand up and down the skin of my back. I'm so primed for this contest that the wood starts rising as soon as Flex climbs into the ring.

Any smug predictions as to how this fight will turn out get put on hold the moment Chris snaps Nick to the mat with a headlock takedown at about the 01:30 mark. After that, I can only be amazed by the heat these two generate as they run through the canon of classic pro wrestling pud-tuggers: collar-and-elbow lockups, corner pummeling, fireman carries, body slams, arm bars, one-legged crab holds, and figure fours. Chris is obviously a ring novice, yet despite some skipped beats, the action pulls me in and won't let go. The bodies alone, strong and magnetic and ready to burst the seams of the tight trunks, are worth the price of admission. Huge fan of both men, I experience the thrilling panic and cognitive dissonance of rooting for both.

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