Iceman18 vs Frey, Mat Rats 88 (Thunder's Arena)

You don't wrestle at Thunder's Arena until you wrestle Frey. Iceman18's debut with the company shows him to be uncommonly confident, talented, aggressive, and hot. In the opener, the new kid, reportedly on tour with the Magic Mike Live show, claims to be already a fixture at the Arena, and it's entirely believable, given the authority with which he commands the camera's attention. He's cut from the same cloth as Arena regulars like Marco, Scrappy, and Frey - first step on the mat and it was like they had been born and raised there. In physique he reminds me of Impact, only Iceman is more animated, his energy more comparable to Impact's brother Tak.

The chemistry between these two is great. Frey's teasing rapport with the new guy gives credence to the Iceman's claim that he's already a regular. Frey is his usual vainglorious self. He's been playing the Cristal Connors role at the Arena for a while now, his sharp putdowns of newbies suggesting a star who fears his sparkle is dimming yet shining the more brightly because of the competition and perceived threat. Frey is a formidable dragon at the door, whom Iceman too casually brushes off.

All in all, MR88  is a friendly match, a romp true to Thunder's house style. The Arena is Bro Heaven, and Iceman is a great and necessary addition to the roster. I'm already a fan, and I hope he becomes a regular for real.

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  1. Wow. Iceman18 vs Frey is one awesome looking muscle match. These two studs are both built for wrestling and submission grappling. Iceman18 reminds me of my favorite wrester at Thunder's Arena - Scrappy. Iceman18 is totally hot and built. Only thing about Thunder's Arena is that I wish they would use a ring like BGEast wrestling or Rock Hard Wrestling. Weird looking at two muscular wrestlers like Frey and Iceman18 wrestling on a small mat with furniture in the background. Wrestlers need a ring!


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