The Nastiest Playfriend You Ever Could Meet

Ace Owens vs Cal Bennett (Wrestler4Hire)

Just months ago, he looked like the Disney version of Zac Efron, now Ace Owens looks like a roid rage version of Mighty Mouse. Seriously, the guy appears to have aged 12 years over the last 12 months, yet here's the funny thing: in my opinion, dissipation looks great on him. I'm fascinated by whatever is going on with that impish face. It's the perfect face for this match, in which Ace jubilantly beats the soft-serve out of Cal Bennett without reprieve.

Big as I am on Cal, I like Ace's body better for wrestling. It's the right amount of stocky, especially against Cal, who tends to look a little too prim from certain angles. Ace's body has bounce and bluster - using every inch of the claptrap living-room set as a springboard for launching new assaults on his defenseless opponent. Ace is vicious. He's shown tendencies before, but here he looks like he's been practicing in front of a mirror. The kid's amazing, scarily amazing.

I've always been drawn to and repelled by the bully look. If Butch on the Little Rascals had had a fan club I would have joined it. Ditto for Billy Baloney on PeeWee's Playhouse. Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story? Sign me up, and mail me my official coonskin cap. The "bad kids" have fascinated me since nursery school. In his new incarnation, Ace is the prince of them all. Amazing the change from "dream date" to "locker-room nightmare," from "victim" to "predator"!

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  1. Amazing Cal squash!! Ace puts his muscles in holds I’ve been wanting to see Cal cry out from since the first BGEast match I got with him ^.^


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