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Jesse Zane vs Ethan Slade, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

"Sometimes love don't feel like it should": so goes the song from my past that gives voice, however obliquely, to the nature of my desires. All things being equal, my taste is for good wrestling over good looks or good BJs, but I do admire rough hard sex, too - before, during, after, or (in times of scarcity) instead  of wrestling. I see plenty of it at Naked Kombat, the X-Fights series at BG East, and, more recently, MuscleBoy Wrestling, all valuable sources of the rude, triumphant lust evaded by Oscar contenders (the stuff missing from the justly acclaimed Moonlight  last year and, previously, Brokeback Mountain, which portrayed the shy, doomed kind of love Academy voters are able to muster some semblance of sympathy for) or, what's worse, at LGBTQ film festivals (where too often bourgeois coyness and giggles crowd out wild, urgent, and quivering acts of passion).

MuscleBoy and company fill an important gap, therefore, in the portrayal of homosexual desire. Sadly, Ethan Slade is not much of a wrestler, to judge by his three (so far) videos at MuscleBoy, but he is the center of a whirlpool of carnal desire for more capable grapplers like Jesse (Jake) Zane, Justin Powers, and Taylor Reign, and understandably so. Ethan has looks that could catch even Mike Pence's eye. Zane vs Slade is the most explicit match of the three, Reign vs Slade, the most titillating, but all three are lusty beyond my expectations. All of them, in one way or another, recapture the pre-HIV cockiness of artists like Tom of Finland and Joe Gage, despite a cultural climate in the United States now more tepid and hypocritical about sex than it was even in the 1950s.

This is hot stuff ... not wrestling exactly, but rough and dramatic. As an object of desire, Slade is perfectly cast, the right mix of innocence and petty criminality - like Sal Mineo and Brad Davis before him. What he ignites in his opponents is less a craving for victory than an urge to possess by conquest and, more, to possess carnally and utterly. I'd like him better if he wrestled, but Slade holds an intriguing place in the gay wrestling world, less a worthy opponent than the m4m sex-wrestling equivalent of a world title. Win him if you can, and keep him until the next guy comes along to win him away.

Ethan Slade vs Taylor Reign, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

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  1. Hot wrestling action. Wish I could tell one wrestler from another, but they all are hot.

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