What a Luscious Match!

Blayne vs Scrappy, Ring Wars 43 (Thunder's Arena)

The dark background brings out the physiques and gives the entire match a dreamlike quality. I think of Scrappy and Blayne as mostly comedic wrestlers, a lightness that is distinctive to Thunder's Arena's favorite whipping boys, but that quality is somewhat muted here while not entirely dispensed with either. It's a ring match I've wanted to see since Blayne first came on the scene ... when was it? ... about a year ago. They are well matched, these two, and clearly ready to rise above their status as hot jobbers and exhibit their dark sides.

I find them both mesmerizing - even more so up against each other: Blayne's taut hairiness and chimp grimace against the smooth-almost-to-the-point-of-being-doll-like Scrappy and his lips like ripe berries. There's a blankness in Scrappy's gaze - not always apparent - that suggests a cold ruthlessness that has been stymied in most of his previous videos. I find Blayne almost impossible to read. Even in his most genial moments, Blayne seems to be holding something of himself back, something jittery, something about to blow its top, something I like to think of as potentially dangerous.

Without giving it away, I like the end of this fight. Yet I might have just as easily liked the opposite outcome, perhaps as much. It involves a folding chair - a cliché I've never warmed up to while never fully rejected either. It's sudden, a desperate and effective tactic for bringing the 19-minute neck-and-neck brawl to a knockout finish.

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