Blayne!! Vinny!!

Vinny vs Blayne, Ring Wars 47 (Thunder's Arena)

I couldn't be happier seeing these two guys in the ring together. In the last few months, both have become obsessions of mine. Blayne is hairy chested, as he was meant to be, and unusually combative,  in a position now to interfere with Vinny's recent winning streak. I always knew Blayne had it in him - or hoped he did.

My heartfelt thanks to whoever put it in Mr. Mike's head to launch the Ring Wars series. I liked the idea but had some nagging doubts about what it might be in reality. The last year has banished those doubts, and Ring Wars has been a sure and reliable source of stimulation, dramatic agony, and macho aggression, not to mention the Arena's usual top-notch pageant of physical culture.

Both barefoot, Vinny and Blayne take turns working each other and work up a glimmering coat of sweat. What might have been a squash job takes an unexpected turn because of Blayne's resilience and the astonishing vigor with which he takes Vinny on. I would love to see Blayne go to the next level with a string of wins now. I'm convinced he has the muscle and know-how to present anybody on the current roster with a good hard fight.

Still, Vinny is my idea of the perfect man - statuesque, stoic, steadfast, staggeringly butch. I could swoon. Caught by surprise by Blayne's unexpected fire, he doubles down on strongman tactics, leading to a thrilling leg-lock finish that all but cripples the unlucky recipient. Count nobody out until the fight is over.

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