Favorites from Ringside's Ninth Year (2016-17)

This top-forty list is based on the number of pageviews over the past 12 months and is ordered chronologically. Stars () identify the five postings with the most visits. The blog in its entirety is an expression of what interests me about wrestling in its various forms. This list represents the intersection between my interests and the blog's visitors' interests. All of the postings listed here and some that did not make the top forty have drawn visitors in the thousands. I'm not big on numbers, but I post this list to give visitors the opportunity to revisit the most popular posts and to celebrate another year of blogging on the most fascinating subject on Earth.

RussoMania, Duke Russo vs Dave Markus, Movimus
21 October

Joey, Joey King vs Scrappy, Thunder's Arena
27 October

Candy Corn, PeeWee vs Santiago / Scrappy vs Santiago / Scrappy vs Frey / PeeWee vs Marco, Thunder's Arena
1 November

World Series, Dave Markus vs Nero Angelo, Movimus
5 November

Exes, Jefferson Early vs Colby Corino, Vanguard Championship Wrestling
21 November

Hunksgiving, Duke Russo vs Shon Tracy, Movimus  ⭐
22 November

Bloody Brits, BRAM vs Doug Williams vs Chris Andrews vs John Harding vs James Baker vs Eddie Ryan, Pro Wrestling Pride
28 November

Skyler, Van Skyler vs Payton Meadows, BG East
9 December

No Homo, Nero Angelo vs Nick Diesel, UCW
10 December

Up Close, Dolf vs Steel, Thunder's Arena
January 8

Husbands, Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro vs Jessie Colter and Brock Avery, Naked Kombat
January 12

Fellow Feeling, Nero Angelo vs Skip Vance, UCW
January 14

Bro World, Scrappy vs Jake, Thunder's Arena
January 21

Striking Oil, Landon Conrad vs Alex Adams, Naked Kombat
February 1

Classic Havoc, Kid Vicious vs Jarret Cole, BG East
February 2

Yes, Sir, Blayne vs Tank, Thunder's Arena
February 4

Roughed Up, Nick Diesel vs Rico, UCW
February 6

Raptorous, Blayne vs Raptor, Thunder's Arena
February 11

X-Man, Nero Angelo vs Xander Caden, UCW
February 18

Kings' Dominion, Kelly King vs Joey King, BG East
March 3

Destroyed, Blayne vs Eagle, Thunder's Arena  ⭐
March 5

Pancrastination, Guy Mezger vs Gregory Smit, Pancrase
March 6

Arse-Kicking, Josh vs Ady, Crazy Ninja
March 12

Say Bye Bye, Eli Black vs Nick Diesel, UCW
March 14

Goddamn Godderz, Jessie Godderz vs Bad Bones, Impact Wrestling
March 18

Hello, Muscleboy!, Travis Bennett vs Taylor Reign, MuscleBoy Wrestling  ⭐
April 6

Ludwig , Ludwig vs Joey King and Slim and Flaco, Thunder's Arena
April 7

Bender, Jonny Firestorm vs Christian Taylor, BG East
April 18

Short Work, Marco vs Slim, Thunder's Arena
April 19

Muscleboy Love, Jake Zane vs Logan Cross, MuscleBoy Wrestling  ⭐
April 24

痛みと怒り, KENTA vs Kenta Kobashi, Pro Wrestling NOAH
April 25

Sir!, Slade Groman vs Kayden Keller, BG East
May 11

Intercrural Athletes, Justin Powers vs Dante, MuscleBoy Wrestling  ⭐
May 20

Dark Axel, Axel vs Pvt. Jack Marino, UCW
July 17

ahah, Jax Brewer vs Cal Bennett, Wrestler4Hire
July 27

Victimization, Lane Hartley vs Kirk Donahue, BG East
August 1

Elitist, Elite Eliot vs Colin Havok / Elite Eliot vs Cal Bennett, Wrestler4Hire
August 5

Nature Boys, Chase Michaels vs Jackson (with Quinn Harper), UCW
August 6

Mega-Buster, Chase Michaels vs Max Ryder, UCW
August 26

Trophy Boy, Jesse Zane vs Ethan Slade / Ethan Slade vs Taylor Reign, MuscleBoy Wrestling
September 5


  1. Love seeing our boys from MuscleBoyWrestling.com in those first few pics! This is an amazing blog and so fun to read, enjoy it and support it wrestling fans!


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