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Jake Jenkins vs Tony Law, Gazebo Grapplers 19 (BG East)

Jake and Tony faced off at the high-school state finals, and now, ten years later, they're gunning for each other again. Barefoot, in singlets, the two wrestle for reals, not something you see every day in the gazebo. Both men's agility, strength, resilience, and playbook of holds remain fresh and competition ready. At one point Jake crows, perhaps precipitously, "Not so tough now, are you?" He's got every right to brag. He's something to see when engaged in authentic competition. 

Nine minutes into the video, however, Tony knees Jake in the abs, taking him down in a not-so-sportsmanlike manner. I suspect this is something Tony has been waiting ten years to do. With Jake gasping for air, Tony grinds him in a body scissors and arm bar combination, which he then spins into a pro-style camel clutch. "This isn't wrestling," Jake complains through gritted teeth. Tony doesn't care. But no stranger to roughhouse tactics, Jake escapes and reverses, forcing Tony to tap out with an excruciating arm bar of his own - and vindictively he maintains the hold past the tap-out, at first refusing to accept Law's submission.

The onslaught mounts as the two push each other further, no longer satisfied with fair and square competition. The straps come down, and the rule-book gets chucked: anything goes for the next 12 minutes - chokes, hair-pulling, punching, primo give and take by anybody's standards. The victor fills the last two minutes with a rear naked choke worthy of Animal Planet, nailing shut this decade-long rivalry.

Like Troy Baker and Justin Pierce, Jake Jenkins is a BGE immortal. Undoubtedly this match was shot a couple of years ago, but the way he looks and fights vs Law is how I want to remember him - along with other never-to-be-forgotten bests like Jenks vs Eli Black, vs Christian Taylor, vs Jonny Firestorm, and vs Marco Carlow.

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Oh, and here's something for fans of BGE's Kid Karisma (whose birthday is today). His rugby football club in Seattle is fundraising by selling a 2018 calendar portraying the players as superheroes. Called Superhomos, you can purchase a copy of your own here for $20 via PayPal. See Kid K as Thor battling the Incredible Hulk!


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