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Roy Dunlop vs Marvin Smith (Movimus)

Roy is all chest and pecs, but can he wrestle? In July, his first Movimus appearance, against Evan Turner, did not turn out the way he had planned, in part due to a stomach cramp, in part due to Evan, who's making a habit of wrecking other wrestlers' plans. In this match, Roy faces newcomer Marvin, who reportedly watched the Turner match and decided that, muscles or not, Dunlop would be easy pickings. Both guys come to this fight with something to prove, it seems.

Marvin's experience as a wrestler comes through in the aggressive way he goes after Roy at the beginning. Roy is stronger and bigger, though not so much bigger as to intimidate Marvin. Headlocks and scissor holds dominate, keeping both guys clenched together for half of the video's 24-minute running time, often all but immobilized by their well-matched-ness. We're 80% through the match before the first submission (a win Roy finally wrenches out of Marvin after physically controlling the guy for most of the preceding 12 minutes). It lacks some of the gladiatorial glamor of watching Duke Russo in action, but the tight work of both men keeps the battle from turning into a shoe-in for either one. Fortunately, it ends with a clear and indisputable victory, though word is that a rematch is on the way.

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