Vinny, Vidi, Vici

Vinny vs Joey King, Ring Wars 44 (Thunder's Arena)

Vinny impressed me on first sight over four years ago, but it's almost as if I had never seen the guy until four weeks ago. Vinny in the squared circle is a whole 'nother thing compared to Vinny at poolside or Vinny in the garage. Thunder's Arena needed no excuse for initiating its Ring Wars series, which has proved its merits many times, but if it did need one, I can think of no better reason for having a wrestling ring than to put Vinny in it barefoot and in eensy trunks.

Joey King is another wrestler whose stock has recently tripled, especially after his fight with Blayne. He puts up a good fight against Vinny, and the two look great locking up collar and elbow. It's a satisfying fight on several levels, give and take that could convincingly lead to a win by either contestant. As in other Ring Wars, there is not a great variety in wrestling holds, but Vinny and Joey play the old standards - chokes, stretches, arm bars, scissors (my favorite tunes) - with style and feeling.

Truth be told, though, Vinny's ring presence alone sells the match for me. He looks magnificent even in repose, but his effect is amplified when he's putting another wrestler through the grinder, which he does with a stoicism so collected and insistent that he could pass for a personification of Fate. But fancy metaphors aside, the firm prominence of his abdomen above the curve of his sexy yellow gear gets me weak in the knees.

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