Wake-Up Call

Tiny soaps, vibrating beds, Gideon bibles, wrestling - some of my best memories of the mid '70s are of motel rooms. Pals and I would check into the "Rode Way In" with a couple of six packs and watch local (Tampa, then Atlanta) wrestling on the free cable TV while stripping down to our Fruit of the Looms to wrestle. We were all Baptists so we had to get drunk (a sin) to cut loose (a bigger sin). BG East's Motel Madness series brings it all back, without the guilt. Bass Wallace's early motel fight with Flying Tiger Collins turned BG East into an obsession. I suppose the '70s are to blame for my fondness for fights in enclosed, private places, such as cages, garages, wrestleshacks, and so forth. Here are some of my favorite shots from other motel room matches.

Clint Morgan vs Joey DeFranco

Kid Vicious vs Jimmy Clarke

Shane McCall vs Cam Hudson

Mike Martin vs Max Tanzi

Lance Jeffers vs Mack Montana

Mike Martin vs Josh Atkins

Joey DeFranco vs James Mykel

Lance Jeffers vs Thom Wyatt

Mike Martin vs Lee Evans

Doc Holliday vs Austin Raines

Ty Garrison and Gilles Laurent vs Jude Johns 

Cole Cassidy vs Austin Raines

Jeremy Burk vs Mitch Colby

Joshua Goodman vs Mitch Colby

Ty Garrison vs Dave Prentice

Kabir Sultan vs Gabriel Ross

Kid Vicious vs Chad Rydik

Raven vs Jeremy Burk

Dev Michaels vs Marco Carlow

Raven vs Andy Hammer

Connor Cross vs Arn Nedic

Neil Hewitt vs Trev Kinsley

Deni Dupuis vs Ty Garrison

Connor Cross vs Aidan Calder

Cage Thunder vs Joshua Goodman

Sasha vs Torvik Tirva

Visit BG East here. (All these shots are from The Arena@BGEast.)


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