Why New Biker Dude Deadlock May Be Too Hot for Marco to Handle

Marco vs Deadlock, No Holds Barred 91 (Thunder's Arena)

This Thunder's Arena release comes with a warning label: "Real Violent Ending." The match careens around various Arena fight sites, indoors and outdoors, as Marco and Deadlock pit ego against ego and muscle against muscle and temper against temper. Fast-talking hottie Deadlock is the nemesis Marco has needed to shatter the man's ultra cool composure and stir up his inner cage fighter. The bulk of the fight occurs at poolside, as Deadlock and Marco engage in brutal, high-risk give and take - of the sort kids are  told  not to try at home - climaxing with an assault so excruciating it causes the recipient to black out.

Deadlock brings an intensity to Thunder's Arena we haven't seen in a while, rolling over the usual boys-will-be-boys hijinks and crossing over into dark emotions and even darker deeds. The warning label is mostly hype, but the match does cross lines not crossed since Big Sexy and Z-Man went for the jugular in the shower stall. It's the kind of do-or-die action Marco is made for and needs more of. Deadlock is custom-built to fight Marco. Both sport hard muscles and a high tolerance for pain, and Deadlock knows how to push Marco's buttons till the guy's ready to explode with destructive energy. I'll probably never get to see Marco vs Skyler, the shoot match Marco begged for (and Mr. Mike prudently forbade), but Marco vs Deadlock presents me with an eyeful all the same.

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