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I have plenty of reasons for wishing I were Canadian besides Tom Magee. Still, Magee (6'4" and 275#) would be a pretty good reason all by himself. His wrestling career lasted from 1985 to 1990, but he's best remembered for two things: (1) being the man Vince McMahon loved until he signed him on to the WWF and (2) being Mountain, the man Brian Bosworth beat up on Pensacola Beach in Stone Cold - one of the hottest fights ever caught on film (I was living in Pensacola at the time. How did I miss out on this?)

A lot of Magee's gigs put him up against a bristly old-school veteran, whom Tom would dominate for two-thirds of the match on the merits of strength alone, then have his ass handed to him bigtime because his muscles were not equal to the veteran's accumulated experience and know-how. A lot of the online comments about Magee's wrestling prowess (or lack thereof) are coyly or flagrantly homophobic, making me love the guy all the more (whether he's a member of the tribe or not).

vs Riki Chosu at All Japan Pro Wrestling (1986)

vs Terry Gibbs at WWF (1987)

vs Hiroshi Wajima at All Japan Pro Wrestling (1988)

as a heel vs Tim Horner at WWF (1989)


  1. I love watching Tom Magee videos on YouTube. He and Chris Walker are two of my favorites who never quite made it.

  2. ... Tim Horner! Loved "soft belly jobber" look... actually he's more of a "face" imho with that great beefy 80s look.

  3. Holy Chests, how I drooled every time I saw this kid standing in the corner waiting to be intro'd ( back in the day ) THAT Chest did it to me every time. Thick-Ripped and ready for a Beating. And when being worked in a hold...ANY HOLD, Holy Chests could he pump it up, Puff it out...put it on DISPLAY for the fans to see and DROOL over. ( I had to drink a quart of water to get normal again ! ) LOLOLOL

  4. Yeah, he was one amazing muscle stud in the ring. Impressive body and hot looks. Definitely, a fan favorite.

  5. From the 50s to the 70s, the pattern of a young lion dominating the . geezers for most of a match, only to lose in the end. It used to anger and frustrate me from elementary school on. I despised for its fundamental injustice. This is a improved situation, though it still happens too often.


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