The Name of the Place Is I Like It Like That


Steve Simpson vs Mike Stetson, GWF Light Heavyweight Title Tournament - 11 July 1991 (Global Wrestling Federation)

  1. I like it when the pretty boy dominates the big oaf, and the big guy doesn't like it, so he starts pulling hair like the wuss he really is, and the pretty boy gives him a terse lesson on what never to do again.
  2. I like it when the pretty boy locks the big oaf's head under one arm just so he can be sure his fist smashes exactly the right spot on the oaf's surprised face ... twice.
  3. I like a figure-four toe hold, especially when the top man punctuates it with a sudden increase of pressure to the knee.
  4. I like it when the pretty boy tries to hoick one of the big oaf's arms off.
  5. I like it when the big oaf is begging for mercy, and the pretty boy slams down hard on what already has to be a seriously throbbing arm, but not before stepping on the big guy's face.
  6. I would not have thought it, but I like closeups of hands in peril.
  7. I like it when retribution is sudden and swift, like saying "Enough is fucking enough!" only saying it with a fist in the kisser.
  8. I like it when the pretty boy has crashed the big oaf's nuts to the ring post and turns to the crowd for permission to mess the dude up even more.


  1. Steve Simpson was always one hot muscle stud in the ring with that long sexy hair and muscular body. Usually allied with the Von Erich brothers in ring bouts.


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