The Two D's

Duke vs Dolf, Ring Wars 50 (Thunder's Arena)

The match's intensity builds in increments, composed of the death-by-a-thousand-cuts assaults that I love in wrestling, especially when a camera is ready to catch them close up. Note Dolf's cool manner in the fourth screen shot above, as he snaps Duke's finger joints one by one. Or in the sixth shot, see how engrossed he is in dislocating Duke's arm against the middle rope.

The wrestlers are hot, their expressions inscrutable, for the most part. Duke often looks like he's mentally somewhere else, even when he's dominating Dolf. His face seems to have lost all feeling, his eyes unfocused and blank. Dolf struggles to hide some private amusement. I'm not complaining - Duke's lack of enthusiasm makes the action twice as potent, as far as I'm concerned. The crazy-sexy bodies entangling and slamming radiate titanic power and testosterone. Dolf carries 220 pounds on his 5'6" frame. Duke towers at 5'10" but at 88 percent of Dolf's weight. This is not the proverbial game-of-chess wrestling match - this is two thick-necked rams butting heads.

There's some posing, especially at the beginning, but the video doesn't spend a lot of its 20 minutes on non-wrestling activities. The ending is classic Thunder's Arena - a sudden, out-of-nowhere reversal - a low blow that derails what was looking like a sure thing.

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  1. Duke is also known as "Ryan Sparks" on and he has a hot video against Leo Luckett in the ring (and Ryan plows Leo at the end). ;)


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