Bow Down Before the One You Serve

Ryan Sparks vs Leo Luckett, Catalog 4 - Muscle Boys Bring the Heat (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Though Ryan Sparks wrestles impressively under another name elsewhere, to my mind his debut match at MuscleBoy offers the definitive version of him. In studded harness, boots, and latex lace-up shorts and with a dramatic swoop of dirty blond hair over his forehead, the five-eleven, 210-pound strongman could be a page torn from a Tom of Finland wall calendar. His doleful, nearly expressionless eyes draw me in like collapsed stars.  But nothing makes me swallow harder than the slope of his firm and spectacularly convex belly toward his waistband. Excuse me while I lick my lips.

Leo Luckett submits to him even before the fair-skinned muscle master enters the ring. Ryan hops on the ring apron and snaps his fingers. He says, "Rope," and Leo scurries to part the ropes for him. When commanded, Leo obediently removes the master's harness. He finger-worships the hard biceps and shapely pecs, Before the ab-pounding has begun, and it is coming, Leo submits himself to Sparks's every demand, one part Mini Me, one part hypnotized prey. The whole 29-minute match proceeds like a slow-motion squash job from subservience to discipline to penetration. The ritual of erotic authoritarianism is riveting to observe and clearly we are meant to enjoy it through Leo's eyes.

Love, we are told, is divided between the kisser and the kissee. Sex, between the bottom and the top. Wrestling, between the vanquished and the victor. B&D, between the slaveboy and his master. For all our talk of equality - undeniably a beautiful idea and something to be striven for with all our power - nature still works as a hierarchy - a situational hierarchy to be sure, not an institutionalized one, but a hierarchy nevertheless. But you don't need to be philosophical about it to see the beauty and awe of natural instinct tearing through illusions of sophistication and enlightenment.

Personally, I'm driven by contradictory emotions. After watching this video, I want to submit to Sparks and also submit him to me. That duality is actually quite romantic if you think about it. To adore and be adored - pretty much what everybody wants.

Visit MuscleBoy here. You must.


  1. Holy Planet of Headscissors ! HIS delicious thighs wrapped around Cutties head? Be still my POUNDING heart !


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