Christmas Past

Big Sexy vs Angel and vs Secret Santa/Specimen, Christmas Chaos 2012 (Thunder's Arena)

I don't miss the old Thunder's Arena days because the past year has shown that the promotion is stronger than ever - in its classical period, so to speak. However, I do miss Big Sexy, who was a centerpiece of my obsessions five years ago, when he made these Christmas-themed frolics. Unlike most wrestlers I write about, Sexy took it upon himself to keep in touch (he's still a Facebook friend, even though he's moved on to better and more Honorable gigs), and I felt a connection with the guy beyond, say, lust.

Big Sexy was (still is) an intriguing mix of boy and superman. Unlike a lot of wrestlers in the underground wrestling world, he actually knew how to wrestle and once complained (not bitterly, not kayfabe, but frankly) that nobody at the Arena shared his actual fighting abilities. He was larger than life and straight-bro flamboyant, once boasting that he's the first at any party to go naked. He also stood up for gay guys he knew in high school, an insight he gave me when I broached the subject of his feelings about his gay fans. I miss his presence at Thunder's Arena, especially now that the Ring Wars series is up and running.

In 2014, I deleted all the posts pertaining to Big Sexy. My policy has been to delete postings at the request of anybody who has, in my opinion, proprietary rights to the contents (wrestler, promoter, or photographer). Among the losses were interviews with Sexy and some of my best witticisms (you'll have to trust me on this one - they were hilarious). I'm assuming it's okay to lift the blackout now as the Arena's started making some of the old Big Sexy matches available again, a teaspoon at a time. If I'm wrong about this, I may soon need to delete this posting too.

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