Getting a Lot of Griff

Marcus Kross vs Griff Garrison, Christmas Chaos - 23 December 2017 (Anarchy Wrestling)

Here's a neat match between native North Carolinians that happened this past weekend in Cornelia, Georgia, against a backdrop of surprisingly tasteful Christmasiana. Six-foot-three 202-pound Griff Garrison is not popular with the crowd as he pursues his feud with Marcus Cross (5'10", 150#, with the blond atomic blast atop his head). I like the assured way he boots Marcus in the face and follows up with some ace corner work - a classic 10-count corner mount, with the babyface's baby face at crotch level - good stuff even though it doesn't make it all the way to 10. Griff and Marcus are graduates (third and fourth, respectively) of the Fire Star Pro Wrestling Academy in Greensboro, NC. These dudes have the gift!

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