Go Wrestle, Merry Gentlemen!

God, I love these guys! Rowdy and unpolished as fuck, UCW has a human heart underneath all the hubbub and tomfoolery, so I sometimes think of it as a person instead of a business. I love the naughty but nice Christmas card I get each year around this time. UCW's holiday specials - Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick's, Easter, 4th of July, and so on - revel in the working class's rowdy sensibilities and distrust of propriety - and, in this case, dislike of hard work. This year's holiday revels are a glittering fiasco as four of its best wrestlers - two of them champions - battle to NOT have to decorate Bodyslam's big house for the holidays. They fight in elf costumes, which tend to slip off during the struggle - and at my house it all gets Santa's little helper hard!

Visit UCW here.


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