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Steel vs Iceman18, CyberMonday 2017 (Thunder's Arena)

The video falls into two parts. Neither one is very long, eight minutes and eighteen minutes, respectively, but they require separate downloads. The first part is mostly banter, posing, and tests of strength. This one reminds me of pre-porn 8mm romps at AMG, Bob Mizer's Athletic Model Guild, which often spotlighted grinning bodybuilders, pleasantly under-dressed, who challenged each other to make the biggest biceps and suck in their tummies for the tiniest waistline. I've previously noted a parallel between certain Thunder's Arena releases and classic AMG. These videos are less about wrestling than body worship. 

The second part is subtitled "Underwater Pool Match." This part is Thunder's in classic screwball mode. The opening gives us a pool floor view of the two wrestlers talking above us at the edge of the pool. We hear the cameraman's heavy breathing - a la Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate  - and almost nothing of the wrestlers' discussion. The visuals, as noted humorously (yet accurately) in subtitles, are "amazing ... so we kept them." Synthesized music kicks in, music alternating with breathing - I prefer the heavy breathing - but by this point the wet choke holds and splashy gut punches have me hooked.

The glaring amateurism of the video makes everything else about the match twice as sexy. I think it's the spontaneity that draws me in as much as anything. Steel is hot as 1000 chili peppers, and Iceman18 is adorable as kittens dressed in puppy suits. The chemistry between them is almost tangible. The camera pulls us so tightly into the action, above and below the waves, that we can't make out what is what until confronted with Steel's unmistakable bulge and a whirl of bubbles. It's all captivating, and it works - not so much as wrestling or as video art but as a sensual aquamarine delirium.

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