Six Reasons to Spring for Front Row Seats

Chris Tyler vs Angélico, Speed King 2017 (Southside Wrestling Entertainment)

I haven't been to a live wrestling show in a few years. I need to fix that. In 2012 I spoiled myself with almost nothing but front-row seats, and the few I saw from several rows back convinced me that, by and large, the first row is the only way to go. This first round match for the Speed King tournament last spring is unusual in the degree to which the match spills into the fans' laps. Angélico and Chris Tyler, a babyface in this event, break the fourth (fifth, sixth, and seventh) wall of ring theater, adding touch to the fans' enjoyment of live wrestling. I would say the experience is easily worth double the general admission price.

Visit Southside Wrestling Entertainment here.


  1. If only wrestling matches guaranteed hot jobbers sitting on your lap, I would be all in!


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