Alexander Hammerstone vs Danny Duggan, Episode 22 - 18 October 2014 (West Coast Wrestling Connection)

Wrestling, if it's good and hard, turns me on no matter who's fighting:  men, women, prehistoric sea monsters, snakes, octogenarians, you name it. A good whipping, however, has to be man on man. I'm not a fan of foreign objects in the ring. I do like strap matches, especially when the strap comes undone and it's used as a weapon. (Technically, it's not foreign  if it's part of the match's setup, right?) And I like the tug of war to take possession of the strap. And here I love Danny Duggan wrapping it around his knuckles to punch Hammerstone in the face. (Sigmund Freud wrote the book on me.) I get all of this action and more in this blond-on-blond battle from 2014. Everything about it works for me - especially Duggan, noble, implacable, beset on all sides, suffering, triumphing, sexy as fuck.

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  1. Great post!
    This match is epic in so many ways...! Two thumbs wayyy up!


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