Dante vs Ethan Slade, Catalog 5 - Muscle Boys Are Ferocious (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Dante has two expressions: tormented and smoldering. With such a limited stock of observable emotions, it's lucky for the guy that these two are knockout. The dark, probing gaze and flaring nostrils signal danger ... as well as other possibilities. He's usually the object of other wrestlers' aggression and lust - most notably his ring match with Justin Powers. But he's never been a pushover, and increasingly MuscleBoy presents him in the role of the strong, silent type - a guy you cross at your own risk. 

Ethan Slade knows no fear or caution. Smaller and lighter than Dante, Slade dares to step over the proverbial line in the sand. Things don't go entirely according to plan. He's got some good moves and gets his man into some tight fixes, but the more Ethan torments Dante, the surer and more dreadful are the eventual consequences. The give and take is clearly an erotic pas de deux. Whether yanking his opponent's hair or submissively licking his boots, Slade is in thrall to Dante's magnetism. And while it never quite boils over, the fight simmers to the last second. Dante's bow-and-arrow hold and grrrunting slo-mo piledriver, not to mention his huffing seizure of the victor's spoils, are nothing if not orgasmic. 

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