Anthony Bowens vs Matt Macintosh, MCW Shamrock Cup 2017, Night 2, 15 July 2017 (Maryland Championship Wrestling)

Till the day I die I'll stay true to basic textbook ring wrestling. I see why some people find it boring and others prefer an undeviating train of gut punches. I don't share their distaste for traditional ring theatrics, but I don't fault them for preferring other forms of entertainment (I just won't acknowledge it as wrestling). Here we have two well-matched wrestlers with thick middles and tree-trunk legs - a bad guy in black trunks ("Bad Apple" Matt Macintosh, 5'11", 208#) and a good guy in white (Anthony Bowens, 5'10", 205#). They deliver the basics:  trunk-pulling (top right), corner attacks (top right, 2nd left, 4th "ouch, on the nuts" left), arm bars (2nd right), side headlocks (3rd "yum" left), two-counts (bottom left, with an interesting right-handed signal too), and a demolishing finisher (bottom right). The guys elaborate on the tried and true standards here and there - for one, that standing backflip off Bowens's crotch (5th left). All in all, a solid early main card fight.

Both Bowens and Macintosh are in good form here. Bowens is sexy cute - pecs all shiny for his exuberant entrance - and in good (i.e. dim) light with too many drinks I'd probably make a clumsy pass (he's totally out of my league, and he has a boyfriend). Macintosh is thrillingly nasty - taking liberties and exhibiting not a gram of good sportsmanship in his bones. But in the end he gets his - something else I like, payback, not so much morally as viscerally. Not only does he get kicked in the face (4th right), payback for several kicks to Bowens's face earlier, but he gets his dick kicked into a vulva (5th right) for repeatedly targeting the babyface's crotch. And if that isn't enough, Bowens's end-complete finisher makes sure nobody will want to fuck Macintosh ever again.

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