Cruising for a Bruising

Ryan Sparks vs Ethan Slade, Catalog 5 - Muscle Boys Are Ferocious (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I watched the movie Tom of Finland  two days before watching this match, and now it's impossible to shake the image of Ryan Sparks as one of Tom's iconic fantasy men - a motorcycle cop, perhaps. This match from December's MBW catalog triggers a lot of associations. Physically, Ryan is an overwhelming force - iconic and intimidating without even trying. His ice-cold style both attracts and threatens. He is as impervious and serene as one of Michelangelo's sculptures. Ethan Slade approaches him warily, but he can't help but be drawn to this dangerous but alluring animal.

I too am fascinated with Sparks ,,, and also by the match even though it lacks the continuous explosive drama I usually expect of wrestling. The passions here are more tentative - with intermittent convulsions of violence and lust. There's sweat, there are moans - but each attack rolls in as a separate tableau - almost independent of the previous action. The differences in the wrestlers' physiques may account for some of this. This is David and Goliath, S&M edition. The moves are distinct and measured. Ryan's destruction of Ethan's beautifully detailed physique occurs at a slower than usual pace to maximize the sensuality of each assault.

There is no other penetration than Ethan's gaze, yet the video is as explicit as any other MuscleBoy has produced. In the end - and I'm giving nothing away that isn't in the catalog description - Ryan has totally dominated Ethan. "You know what?" Ryan purrs. "Since you been so good, I think I'll let you play with my ass a little bit. ... Why not? Why should you have all the fun?" Then, in a luscious twist, he stretches out, his sturdy belly to the mat, presenting his dome-shaped cheeks to the panting jobber as a consolation prize. Poised above his conqueror's perfect ass - my stars! there ought to be a prize for this! - the climactic solo stroke encompasses the video's final five minutes, and to quote the catalog, "the load is BIG."

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