Double Date

Steve Tanner and Jesse Zane vs Bruno the Beast and Masked Bruiser, Catalog 5 - Muscle Boys Are Ferocious (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

MuscleBoy pulls off its first tag team match with energy and style. Bad guys Bruno and Bruiser have a field day picking on (and one by one picking off) the babyfaces Steve and Jesse, and the sweat is already pouring by minute three (of 24 total). At times the chemistry feels a bit off to me, probably because the teammates are relatively new to each other. With no history or no implicitly compelling gimmicks - such as male models versus high-school jocks or cowboys versus vampires - it's difficult to invest emotion in the goings-on. Still, the sparkle is there in the vitality of body contact and punishment/payback, with the victors allowing the losers one last kiss before snuffing them out.

Nobody brings as much energy as Bruno, who clearly relishes his chosen career as a horny heel to the max. His turns with Jesse, MuscleBoy's resident go-to guy for technical wrestling, are the best in terms of tactics and segues between tactics. Their counterparts Steve and Bruiser offer support, both strategic and symbolic. Symbolically, Steve's red, white, and blue "The Stud!" trunks and his burly physique complement Jesse's heroic underdog pluck, just as Bruiser's black mask underscores Bruno's depravity and mystery. MuscleBoy's open and frank embrace of the eroticism of wrestling makes this match a double date of sorts - though apparently a blind date for both couples, who show more attachment to the thrill of pro wrestling than to each other.

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  1. Nice write-up on MBW's first effort at Tag Team wrestling. I enjoyed this match a lot and also wrote about it on Wrestling Arsenal at I appreciate your last paragraph where you describe how the partners outside the ring are styled to complement their partners in the ring -- good point. It shows that they really "get" pro wrestling at Muscleboy.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the link! I enjoyed your post more than my own - and I'm a big fan of my own posts!

  2. Thanks for reviewing! I was on the fence about getting this match for a little while now. I always check to see if you or Alex over at The Cave review a match before I buy it. I can always trust what I read and it really helps me make my decision.


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